Hjalvar’s Dungeon

Hjalvar’s Dungeon

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Hjalvar’s Dungeon is a mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim which adds a new dungeon that I have created for the game.

It was made for a school-assignment in which the deadline was set for two weeks and in that time I had to learn to work with Creation Kit from scratch. I wanted to use as many assets as possible to learn how they all piece up together: different kinds of dungeons and caves and all their sizes.

I allways wanted to learn Creation Kit since it’s release and this was a perfect oppurtunity to do so.

What I’ve learned and have improved on:

  • Improved understanding of the Creation Kit engine
  • Creation a singleplayer dungeon map
  • Improved usage of modular assets
  • Custom AI pathfinding
  • Item placement